Facebook Page Development

As per Facebook official announcement, there are more than 500 million active users on Facebook.

If you don’t know what Facebook is, please read here.

Some quick highlights about Facebook :

  • More than 500 million active users.
  • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day.
  • Average user has 130 friends.
  • People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook.
  • Average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events.
  • More than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries.
  • More than 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites every month.
  • There are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook.
  • More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook.
  • More than 20 million people become fan of Pages each day.
  • Pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans.

Creatiwitty can help you in building your presence on Facebook with custom “Facebook page” design and features.

At Creatiwitty, we develop custom Facebook pages with additional features other than the default facebook page features.

Your Facebook page will help you in :

  • Increasing visibility of your brand online.
  • Attracting users from all over the world.
  • You can allow users to participate in your product promotion.
  • A good platform to launch your new services and products.
  • Get details analysis and reporting about user’s activity on Facebook.

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